Marc reads at 13th St Theater 5-21-15

Marc Jampole reads at the 13th Street Theater in New York City on May 21, 2015

“Mr. Jampole is absolutely unique in the way he expresses his material, especially in regard to sound, meter and rhythm.” – Michael Wurster, Small Press Review

“Here is a poet of tremendous range, whose subjects occupy the span between Audubon’s bird painting and a suffocated Moses in the suburbs…Jampole’s poems really sing, remarkably in a diverse chorus of registers, often with affection and humor.” – Janlori Goldman, Jewish Currents

“A good read for adults who want to put their thinking cap on.” – Pam Rosenblatt, Wilderness House Review


Music From Words

Music from Words, by Marc Jampole

“The poems are densely cerebral, the product of extensive reading, and language-crammed. There are echoes of Hopkin’s mouth-filling sprung rhythm, Steven’s vibrant wordplay and Pound’s obscurantist intertexuality.” – Adam Sobsey, Indy Week

“This poetry is amazing.” – Gloria Mindock, editor, Cervena Barva Press